In a constantly evolving field like the fashion sector, with always new lines and renewed collections, CAD programs allow a major reactivity and velocity in order to create a product always respecting the quality, the quantity and the cost management of the productive process within the time set.

  • Basic information technology.

  • Fashion styles.

  • Photoshop presentation.

  • Photoshop components.

  • Sections and transformations.

  • Vector graphic.

  • Filters.

  • Brushes.

  • Color.

  • Print.

  • Levels.

  • Text-processing.

  • Images modifications.

  • Practicing and creation of collections.

  • Fabrics research.

  • Creation of a project with the learned techniques.

The course lasts 8 months for a total of 108 hours (36 lessons).

Two weakly lessons of 3 hours per week.

  • Flash drive.

  • Pen.

  • Block notes.

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