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Fashion Contests

Participating to a fashion contest gives you the opportunity to enter in competition with other young people, to have a feedback by the productive reality, to measure yourself and grow professionally.

The contests allow us to discover new talents that want to emerge in the fashion world, the artistic and design skills like the expression of the craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

At the basis of these values, a good professional preparation is certainly an excellent contribution.

Mittel Moda Moda d'Autore Sposa d'Autore Edi Eventi
Moda Movie Vogue Italia Moda Mood Board Moda Mare

Our Students

The list of the students who have participated to the fashion competition:

  • Elena Benetti 2012 Moda d’Autore

  • Federico Trevisan 2012 Moda D’Autore

  • Rok Cibej 2013 Edi Eventi in Siena

  • Federico Trevisan 2013 Moda D’Autore and won an award

  • Rok Cibej 2013 Moda D’Autore and won an award

  • Rok Cibej 2014 Sposa D’Autore and won an award

  • Federico Trevisan 2014 Sposa D’Autore

  • Federico Trevisan 2014 Moda D’autore and won the first prize award for students

  • Valentina Marangoni 2014 Moda D’Autore and won the first prize award for professionals

  • Shilla Totpati 2014 Moda D’Autore

  • Lucrezia Puggioni 2014 Moda Mare Cannes

  • Federico Trevisan 2015 Sposa D’Autore

  • Valentina Marangoni 2015 Concorso Ferrari

  • Fedrica Pallotti 2015 Edi Eventi Torino

  • Antonella Toselli Edi Eventi Torino

  • Elisa Rossoni – Moda d’Autore


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