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The study of child’s proportions is really important because they differ from the adult clothes and they don’t have a progressive development.
In this course beyond the pattern making is really important to create all the canvas items of clothing, in order to verify their wearability and to put in place the tailoring.

  • Infant romper suit.

  • Female romper suit.

  • Elegant dress with puff sleeves.

  • Skirt with drape and asymmetrical length.

  • Baby overall.

  • Jacket with raglan sleeves.

  • Coat with raglan sleeves.

  • Baby shirt.

  • Baby pants.

  • Hoodie and kimono.

  • Classic baby jacket.

  • Practice with various styles and croquis.

  • Explanation and tailoring of most of the items of clothing.

  • Explanation of the placing.

  • Explanation of the cut on the fabric.

  • Explanation of the sewing machine.

  • Tailoring of basic items of clothing.

  • Fitting of the items of clothing and fittings.

6 months for a total of 96 hours (24 lessons).
4 hours per week in one lesson.

  • Block notes.

  • Pen.

  • 2B Pencil.

  • Rubber.

  • Invisible adhesive tape.

  • Paper scissors.

  • Sewing scissors.

  • Designer paper sheets.

  • Set square with 90 degrees angles.

  • 60 cm ruler.

  • Tape measure.

  • Thimble.

  • Tailor’s chalk.

  • Pins.

  • Basting thread.

  • Needles of various measures.

  • The material for samples development will be described during the course.

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